Do You Have a Work Spouse?

There was no ring, no bridesmaids, no teary-eyed dance with Dad, but somewhere along the way, you found yourself with a spouse. You see him every day…at the office. He’s your work spouse. And whether you chose each other or were thrown together, you probably know more about him than your best friend. Chances are, he knows you pretty well too, down to what kind of cheese you like on your turkey wrap...

You’re not alone.

Written by: Brad Mislow + Julie Eyerman

Brad Mislow and Julie Eyerman work as a creative team in advertising and have been work spouses for the past eight years. They often speak to students and young professionals about what it’s like working with a partner, and are currently working on a book about the phenomenon of work spouses. To share your work spouse story with them, send an email to: