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Girl On Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success


Nicole Williams is the tell-it-like-it-is career expert who you wish could fight your work battles for you. But with her ingenious approach—taking the tactics used to land a man and applying them to your career—you’ll be able to handle any work situation and come out on top. Here, Nicole introduces twenty tried-and-true dating rules such as “Don’t Give Away the Milk for Free” and “Don’t Waste the Pretty” and reveals how they can be applied just as effectively in the office. Other strategies include:

  • Keep It Brief
  • Don't Bash Your Ex
  • Have Others Sing Your Praises
  • Play Hard to Get
  • Keep the Fire Alive
  • Be Willing to Walk Away

Among other topics, Nicole dishes on how much to reveal at work as well as what to put up with from your boss (and, more importantly, what not to). She tackles everything from having the money talk to leaving them wanting more on a job interview. And sprinkled throughout GIRL ON TOP is fashion advice (“Top Ten Commandments of Style”) and checklists to determine if you need to get a life.

Nicole’s keen insight and candid advice will teach you how to recognize the good guys from the bad, win the kudos of those who matter, and create the career of your dreams.


Wildly Sophisticated: A Bold New Attitude for Career Success


You're smart. You're ambitious. You've got style. You're going to conquer the world...but where do you start? Get ready to live your Quest for Success today by bringing your Wildly Sophisticated attitude to the table. Use your passions, your individuality, and your courage to build a career that exceeds your most outrageous dreams.

An honest blend of best friend, personal cheerleader, and "been-there-done-that" mentor, author Nicole Williams uses her own experience—as well as that of other Wildly Sophisticated women—to help you not just get a job, but to pave a path to success. She shows you how to pull yourself up by your Blahnik straps, take those drinks-after-work dreams, and turn them into reality. Learn to:

  • Embrace your ambition and live with imbalance.
  • Create your signature style and stand out from the crowd.
  • Discover your innate confidence and use risk to your advantage.
  • Navigate professional relationships and survive workplace romance.

Packed full of useful information, constructive solutions, inspiring stories, "Career Confessions," and "One-on-One" secrets to success, Wildly Sophisticated is the one book that you can't afford to leave on the shelf.


Earn What You're Worth: A Wildly Sophisticated Approach to Investing in Your Careerand Yourself


For women who won't settle for less. You already know you're worth way more than you earn. So what's standing in the way of your financial and career success? Nicole Williams, the author of Wildly Sophisticated, says that for so many women, it comes down to our difficulty dealing with cold hard cash - not just a lack of money, but also our misconceptions, prejudices and fears about it. In Earn What You're Worth, Williams shows how to get others to value the skills and talents you bring to the table...and how to get compensated accordingly.

With her trademark blend of best friend, personal cheerleader, and "been-there-done-that" mentor, Nicole Williams uses her own experience—as well as that of other Wildly Sophisticated entrepreneurs—to help you not just save more, but make more. You'll discover that you don't have to give up your morning latte or wait for Prince Charming to show up in his Porsche to turn your financial dreams into reality. Learn to:

  • Make a "date" with your money—and dump your financial bad habits.
  • Create your Personal Balance Sheet—and figure out what you're really worth.
  • Learn the difference between going into debt—and investing in your career.
  • Sell yourself at work—without selling your soul.
  • Decide what you really want from your career—and how to get it.

Crammed with useful information, uncommon advice, inspiring stories, and insider secrets to success, this book will motivate you to invest in the most important stock of all—yourself.