Make Your Weekends Count

It’s been a long week and you can’t wait until closing time on Friday. Actually, that’s how you feel every Monday morning. After countless hours of answering to other people, the weekend is your time to focus on your own agenda. Trouble is, you blink just after happy hour on Friday and before you know it you’re back at work. Why do the weekends go so quickly? It is possible to make the most out of Saturday and Sunday. With some simple planning (Thursday-night grocery shopping instead of Saturday morning) and prioritizing (just saying no to helping your friend move for the fifth time this year), you can create more time to get down to what’s most important to you. But first you have to figure out your weekend persona.

Written by: Elizabeth Tippet
Elizabeth Tippet is a freelance writer based in Hollywood who writes about anything, nothing and everything in between. She recently broke a serious addiction to online Scrabble.