Entertain Your Co-Workers

You like the people you work with. You like to throw parties. So it’s not surprising that you’re thinking about combining the two and hosting a simple summer soiree. But having your colleagues—or better yet, your boss—over to your home is a bit more complex than inviting your friends over. You aren’t breaking out the good linens and buying the “expensive” wine (read: costs more than $10) for people who hang out at your place all the time. By the same token, you probably don’t want to behave as casually as you do with your crew. (Don’t, under any circumstances, take out the tequila and ask who wants to do shots.) But entertaining your co-workers can be a great way to build camaraderie, and it also gives them a glimpse into how you really live—or how you live when company’s coming over. Here, a few tips to throwing a party or dinner that strikes just the right “I’m classy, but poor” balance.

Written by: Anne Zimmerman
Anne Zimmerman received her MA in Woman's Studies from San Diego State University. She works for a small, family run winery in McMinnville, Oregon and is writing a book about the food writer M.F.K. Fisher.