5 New Year's Resolutions

A new year has a way of making us feel like we can do anything. Lose 25 pounds. Run five miles a day. Write a novel. And then, when three, four, six weeks have gone by and we haven’t lost an inch, set foot on a treadmill, or written one word, we feel like failures. Which makes it easier to bag those resolutions in favor of our old habits. (Grey’s Anatomy or the gym? Grey’s!) The problem, though, isn’t with us—we’re smart, successful, ambitious women, after all. What needs an overhaul are the resolutions. You’ve heard that expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” right? Well, neither were rock-hard abs or a best-selling book. Instead of trying to conquer the world before the month of January is out, you need to set smaller goals that you can actually reach. Here are a few to get you started.

Written by: Michelle Hainer

Michelle Hainer is the editor and content manager of WORKS by Nicole Williams. Her work has appeared in InStyle, The Washington Post, Country Living, and other national publications. She is also the author of the Quiz Zone book series. She lives in New York City.