Living the Dream: Darley Newman

Name: Darley Newman

Age: 29

Location: New York City

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communications from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Job Title: Host and producer of the PBS series Equitrekking and

What She Does: Darley combined her passion for travel and horses to create a television series and website. “When I’m filming, I’m outside exploring beautiful and rugged natural settings on horseback. Horseback riding gives you access to remote areas of the globe sometimes inaccessible by other means of transportation.” Most recently, she has visited Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Belize, and New Mexico.

How She Got Her Gig: In college, Darley studied radio and television. Having been bitten by the travel bug in high school after a trip to Europe, she knew she wanted to produce a travel television show, so Darley learned the ropes working for larger companies before breaking off on her own. “It was a risk, moving away from a regular salary and betting that I could make it as a freelance writer and producer,” she says. “But if you can convey your passion for something and find a niche in the marketplace, then you have a better chance of succeeding.”

All in a Day’s Work: In the world of a travel journalist, every day’s an adventure. “In Spain, I rode the horse that the queen rides when she visits Donana National Park on the Southern Coast,” Darley relates. “We were filming a fast riding scene, where I was supposed to canter over this large set of dunes on the way to the ocean. Our director of photography was hanging out of a jeep in front of me. Well, the horse thought we were racing the jeep, so as the jeep accelerated, so did he. We were flying over those dunes, but I just sat back and smiled.”

Friends Around the World: According to Darley, the best thing about her job is the people she meets along the way. “There are so many interesting characters around the world, and I enjoy exploring a place with the locals and seeing life through their eyes, even if it is only for a few days,” she says. “With my job, I am constantly reminded of other people’s perspectives, and what better way to renew your view of the world and your own life than that?”

Words of Wisdom: “Take any job where you can write and get published in radio, television, print, or online media,” she says. “Even if you write on the side for local papers, it all adds to your clip collection and establishes more credibility for later on. Try to find good mentors, and when you do find one, keep in touch.”

This Job’s for You if: You’re a risk taker who’s up for anything and is willing to take unpaid jobs in the beginning to gain experience. “Being flexible and able to adjust to new situations is vital,” adds Darley. “On the road, I’ve come to realize that things just happen and, just like in life, you have to go with the flow.

Written by: Alexandra Levit

Alexandra Levit is the author of How’d You Score That Gig? – A Guide to the Coolest Careers and How to Get Them (, a new book that profiles more than 60 dream jobs.