Your Weekly Work Horoscope

We scoured the web and found the best astrologer out there – Bridgett Walther. Every time we read her horoscopes we get chills – she nails it on the head and makes us feel good, to boot. See below for your weekly work pick-me-up and for more of the good stuff visit her at Bridgett Walther.


For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Monday and Tuesday have all kinds of stimuli that cry out, “I WANNA BE FIRST!” immediately followed by cheers from your peers. Your appetite for competition gets stronger daily. Make sure to aim higher and higher. Tuesday (at 5:41 pm through the remainder of the day) pushes the Sun into hot-blooded Leo, your solar 5th house of competition, romance, and drama. You can feel a client’s willingness to buy whatever you’re selling, and have the charm to make him or her an easy sale. Because Uranus moves retrograde late Monday evening (10:53 pm EDT) urging you to not promise the Moon to clients/customers, but continue to spread the excitement and charm. You’ll transform from ‘that person who sells me insurance’ to a good friend. Keep things friendly by looking out for your clients. Let them know ahead of time what’s about to reach a low price with all the bells and whistles. Take care of your clients (they’re not as boring as you thought) and they’ll remain loyal until you stop working. Weekly Touchstones: Honey Colored Citrine, Yellow Sapphire. 

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Your healing instincts and energy make you a superb and stately bridge between the general public and the corporation or business you work for or own. You go out among everyday people and get a sense of what they miss, what they wish they had, and what bothers them the most. Because you listen and have a gift for turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse, you’re the best person to humanize the corporation/business you work for. Your gentle, fair approach helps others to see a less Draconian picture of your company’s Board of Directors. You sell others on your business, service and products by being kind and helping your target consumer group. Plus, everyone wants more attention – and you certainly take care of his/her needs. You address your target group’s major complaints as well as the praise that comes with almost anything you do. You’re the best asset your corporation/business has. Weekly Touchstones: Cinnabar, Salesite.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Don’t expect to hear news about a job or client until you push distractions out of your way and get your priorities very straight. This is most likely to occur on Friday, jolt you on Saturday, followed by a true day of rest (just see to it) on Sunday. You need to schedule important presentations for Friday. Make the atmosphere as enchanting and electric as you are. You’ll have potential buyers in your pocket with your perfect blend of intelligence and humor. Plus you spoil those in attendance with whatever his/her favorite beverage and snack happens to be. Those on the receiving end of this largesse wonder how you did it. You are the Queen of networking – and after Friday, everyone in attendance will know how valuable an asset you are. Saturday also brings good news and another ego boost, reminding you that people do know you, love you and copy you. Weekly Touchstones: Rubellite, Lepidolite.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: This week is really good for you financially. Even though Uranus goes retrograde on Monday, the Sun moves into Leo on Tuesday forming a luscious conjunction with Jupiter. Thursday is wonderful – and filled with really positive aspects all day. The Sun exactly conjoins Jupiter all day. Friday is mostly positive. At 10:25 pm EDT, Mars enters Scorpio. This energizes you to be a more aggressive sales person and leader. Saturday is easier than Friday, and Sunday is better than Friday or Saturday. Utilize the weekend to get what you want. Weekly Touchstones: Marcasite, Mandarin Citrine.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Your flash and dynamic personality indicate that you’re the first one out of the gate, and undoubtedly the winner. The only fly in the ointment is Uranus going retrograde on Monday. This suggests that some deals will start well, reach stasis, and finally come into fruition months from now. Don’t worry, for every big deal that is been delayed, there is another one just as wonderful within your reach. Your best sales days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You might question Saturday, but look at this way: Saturday is superb for blending business with pleasure. Weekly Touchstones: Yellow-Red Chromite, Eveite.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: The phrase, “You have to spend money to make money,” comes into a play this week. You find yourself spending a little more on your equipment, your clothing, and the way you communicate with customers. This so-called “spending spree” stops on Friday at 10:25 pm EDT. At that point, Mars enters Scorpio, giving you less patience and a lot of go power. As soon as Mars enters Scorpio, no one can keep up with you mentally or physically. Because you are very particular person, you need to seriously consider being your own boss. The New Moon on Saturday is positive for you and likely to stimulate more work and new projects. Weekly Touchstones: Okenite, Red Onyx.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Partnership issues become more complex on Monday. Now is the time to rely on your intuition, instead of some expert’s point of view. You know that this time frame can help you in terms of your career, but might get sideswiped by somebody in distress. You have to say, I have enough problems and have to take care of myself before I help you. You are a people-pleaser and this won’t be easy, but you’ve got to do it.  A number of planets cluster on your Midheaven, especially on Thursday. This makes you more conscious of your own responsibilities. Before you get involved in another’s mess, you’ve got to keep yourself afloat. Weekly Touchstones: Pinakiolite, Platinum.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: This is a great week for your career. A client that you haven’t seen in some time returns with a job or project for you. Those retirement dreams are probably premature. Your biggest problem is that you are so damn good at what you do. You sometimes you say that your career is a blessing and a curse. You’re Right! You need space and privacy to do your best planning and creative work. There’s a lot of activity that distracts you. It’s hard to manage so many people in a small space. Being self-employed is looking better and better. The New Moon on Saturday suggests that it’s time for a vacation – preferably overseas. Weekly Touchstones: Pyrope, Petoskey Stone.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: You have at least two ways to make a living. This week emphasizes your copious options. Tuesday is excellent for signing contracts, and also for getting a raise. All you have to do is ask. Wednesday morning is powerful for you especially if you’re creative. Thursday is almost a bulletproof with attractive offers. Just avoid arguments because nobody will win. On Friday, you skate through most of the daily activity, and at 10:25 pm EDT Mars enters Scorpio. This makes you more aware of your self-conscious and all that it can offer to you. On Saturday, a New Moon in Leo is so good for those of you who’re about to sign a contract or make ambitious travel plans. Weekly Touchstones: Bronzite, Chrysanthemum Stone.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: You can make lots of money and good contacts this week. Rise and know that you’re in charge. It’s time to recalibrate your expectations and goals. In other words, you need to separate yourself from all energy vampires. You know exactly what people I’m talking about. Instead of carrying everyone’s burden for him/her, take care of yourself! The New Moon on Saturday emphasizes the importance of taking inner transformation seriously. Weekly Touchstones: Carnelian, Ruby.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: Your career is still in an embryonic stage, no matter how much success you’ve had. The best is yet to come. Do whatever you can to work with leads, as well as your friends’ suggestions. Partnerships and alliances have never been so fortunate. You come out of the darkness and into the light throughout the week. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are turning points in your life. Friday and Saturday could launch a brand new career. This time, you receive an offer you can’t refuse. Weekly Touchstones: Creedite, Cinnabar.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Jul 21st - Jul 27th: This week is definitive when it comes to your job. Every now and then, when you feel under pressure at work, ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be?” The answer is likely to be - No. Because of Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturday’s New Moon, you have better opportunities to consider.  Don’t allow your concern about colleagues to erase all the doubt in your mind. Don’t feel guilty about doing something for yourself. This week is urging you to ramp up your expectations in the boardroom and the bedroom. Weekly Touchstones: Basalt, Adamite.

Career Meter: 9

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