Your Weekly Work Horoscope

We scoured the web and found the best astrologer out there – Bridgett Walther. Every time we read her horoscopes we get chills – she nails it on the head and makes us feel good, to boot. See below for your weekly work pick-me-up and for more of the good stuff visit her at Bridgett Walther.


For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: It’s fine to allow your fiery energy off the leash at work. Aggressively maintain your lead by staying in touch with your clients or customers. Send them emails, and call them. Make they’re happy, and be willing to go to the mat for them if they’re not. Always offer additional options, and keep borderline clients on the books. If you only offer one brand, line, or service, you’ve limited your options and made it easier for a competitor with all the top brands and services to undercut you. Get started revamping your career goals on New Moon Monday. New Moons are excellent to try new methods and create new goals. You should receive grateful, friendly response from your existing clientele and new leads, as well. Weekly Touchstones: Peridot, Black Onyx.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You’re very fortunate if you’re a designer, architect, or a high-end jeweler. This week’s NEW MOON on Monday pushes you to find innovative ways to get feedback from buyers. You might not like everything you hear, especially if your inventory or style is static. Changing things will reignite your passion for your career. Don’t shrug this off as something you were “forced into.” No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Yes, Bull, you take top honors in the hardheaded department. You’ve been known to say, “Oh, no – not another change….” But nearly every change you make in your attitude, appearance, choice of goals, colleagues, and partners proves to be a godsend. You might bolt and run initially, but gradually return and make necessary improvements and changes. Much to your delight, the sooner you do this, the better off you’ll be. Find a better way to be the most relevant, competitive, exciting YOU. Weekly Touchstones: Red Coral, Pyrite.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: Almost anything a so-called expert can do, you can do BETTER. Rest assured that when showing up for an interview you have the advantage, especially on Monday (the PERFECT day for a fresh start), Tuesday from 2:22 pm edt onward, Thursday from 12:44 pm until 4:03 pm edt, and last but not least, Saturday between 4:53 am until after midnight, edt. You have no peer (direct quote from screenwriter, director, and Oscar nominee Ms. Nancy Oliver) and can outshine all alleged competition. Privately, you giggle to yourself because you know you’ll come through this like fruit cocktail goes through a Mynah bird. Dress in cobalt blue and accent it with a creamy silk shirt or scalloped top. One drop-dead large piece of jewelry is all you need. Chances are, you already have a couple pieces in mind. One is enough. Your personality and qualifications will do the rest. Weekly Touchstones: Paraiba Tourmaline, Clear Quartz Crystal.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You attract money from buyers, sellers, investors, and partners. This trend should continue for about a year, thanks to jolly old Jupiter. This week, Jupiter and Venus cook up all kinds of “chance meetings” and brilliant ideas that could move you into a higher tax bracket. The NEW MOON on Monday launches a two-week effort to make a decision, idea, or enterprise into something real, measurable, and essential. You’re entitled to dream big during the next two weeks. You also offer equal time to the short, intense hustle to complete a mockup, and the more relaxed, grand, family name and pride of the long view. The planets work hard for your success and security, so beat everyone to the starting block and be ready to bolt when the starter pistol goes off. Weekly Touchstones: Red Spinel, Alexandrite.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You carry yourself with dignity, style, and confidence. Don’t change any of it. Remember when you enter unfamiliar territory that you know more about what you create and sell than anyone else in the room. Because you’ve developed your own system, technique, and instantly recognizable design, presentation, and mood, you’re the only person smart enough to represent you. So go it alone, from Monday through the next two weeks. If you don’t get in your own way with momentary fear or insecurity, you’ll have the deal, purchase, or award that you’ve feverishly hoped for so many times. Weekly Touchstones: Mixite, Green Tourmaline.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: Monday’s NEW MOON in your sign urges you to make a clean, free, confident start, preferably in a slightly different direction. Follow your remarkably accurate muse, Virgo, and you won’t veer in the wrong direction. You’ve got backup from Venus and Jupiter in your solar 12th house of psychic energy, dreams, secrets, and intuition. Having these two gregarious, fun-loving planets in that location is a huge blessing that protects you from negativity. Venus and Jupiter send out “Hi – I’m single” vibes to others. Whether you’re actually single of not, you attract people that honestly think they have a chance with you. Your most enjoyable and productive days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday between 12:44 pm and 4:03 pm edt, Friday between 10:33 am and 2:30 pm edt, and most of Saturday. This could be one of your luckiest weeks this year! Weekly Touchstones: Mandarin Citrine, Blue Julienite.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You’re fixated on making more money. It dawns on you that unless you have a high-paying job, your quality of life cannot be maintained. So make getting a job that is right up your alley and skillset, AND pays surprisingly well. You might not like all your colleagues and feel like the “new kid at school.” You sense that existing employees stare at you, sizing you up at every turn. That alone should tell you that you’re the most likely new hire – and may be viewed as a threat. People that don’t stand a chance aren’t taken seriously by anyone. But you stand out. Let’s say you already have your dream job, are making excellent money, and enjoying going to work. You’re very fortunate that your loyal good friends brought you and that job together. When in doubt, contact your most trusted pal. This week is superb for gaining momentum, new clients, and great leads/referrals. Your best days are Monday, Tuesday from 5:20 pm edt through the rest of the evening, Thursday midday, Friday from 1:30 am through 2:30 pm edt, and most of Saturday. Don’t forget that Monday’s NEW MOON gives you a big boost capable of improving your lifestyle and self-confidence. Go get ‘em! Weekly Touchstones: Blue-Green Kyanite, Dark Green Malachite.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You’re an impressive, determined, persistent workaholic on Monday, Tuesday from 5:20 pm onward, Thursday between 12:44 pm and 4:03 pm edt, and Friday between 1:30 am (can you say ‘all-nighter’ without grimacing?) and 10:33 am edt. You’re very capable of working like a racehorse on Saturday and Sunday, too, but in the name of balance may opt to placate your friends and family instead. Good thinking, Scorpio! And you’re obviously accepting the positive lesson that Mars and Saturn are hammering into you (daily) about balance. Congratulations! Weekly Touchstones: Clear Quartz Wand, Mahogany Obsidian.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: Monday’s NEW MOON in Virgo is dynamite for your career, persona, image, reputation, and standing in your community. The New Moon occurs in your “public image” sector, urging you to do things your way. Behind the scenes, you look for ways to get your message across in a way that touches everyone. You’re not interested in targeting only one group. You make sure that everyone in shouting distance hears your message and assumes that you’re speaking directly to him/her. That’s your goal, and it’s a brilliant way to motivate a buyer to jump in and purchase, while the offer is still good. So enhancing your communication skills also benefits your sales numbers and upward spiral in your career path. You’re the toughest one to outdo on Monday, Tuesday late afternoon and evening, midday Thursday, great at catching up on Friday morning, and so difficult to say NO to on the weekend. You’ve got this week pretty much sewn up! Weekly Touchstones: Metallic Owyheeite, Indigo Sapphire.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You’re very get up and go on Monday, and are able to pull a project or partnership out of the dumper and into the light. This is just one example of why your peers see you as a force of nature. You cut your teeth on challenges and lost causes. You saw the talent, possibilities, and brilliance that others were too self-involved or bored to recognize. For some, you became their last hope. For many, you managed their careers and reputation like a highly skilled magician. You know what works and what doesn’t, so when a customer/client makes a wrong turn in his/her private life, you’re the first person to arrive and save his/her soul from self-destruction. In each one of you is a musician, a sage, and a legend. You hail other legends as being your muses. And those listening think, “You, Capricorn, are MY MUSE.” So this week is uphill, but nothing you can’t master very quickly. There’s so much to gain on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Wednesday is the only day to pull in your wagons and process all that is going on. Slow down on Wednesday, visit your acupuncture guru, and allow wisdom and understanding to seep through your pores. You are definitely on the right track. Weekly Touchstones: Black Tahitian Pearl, Natural White/Cream Pearl.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: You’re like the Hope Diamond – impossible to ignore, one of a kind, and of incalculable value. So your biggest challenge this week won’t be attracting customers or clients, but is more likely to be making time for each person’s questions and needs. You need an assistant, not to take your place – no one can do that – but to reschedule appointments, attend to files, and send out emails to valued clients. Don’t burn the candle at both ends this week. Take very fastidious care of your body, mind, and soul. The more healing energy you pull in, the more you have to offer others. Your presence and reputation for skill and experience do the selling for you. Relax and enjoy the ride. There is no reason to get anxious this week, especially if you wisely take most of Wednesday off. Use that time to regroup, balance anything that’s uneven, and calm yourself. Your career is wonderful because you’re doing what you love and excel at. Keep up the good work! Weekly Touchstones: Volcanic Pitchstone, Green Garnet.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 25th - Aug 31st: Pisces, you’ll love this week, especially in regard to your career or calling. You’re driven to push aside obstacles or excuses to not try. In the not too distant past, you limited your imagination when it came to your job. You did excellent work, but accepted the role of “assistant” or “substitute.”  This wasn’t a dream come true, but paid the bills and gave you entry into successful people’s social lives, even if it was in a service position. The only difference between them and you, besides money, is ambition. Ambition is easier than you think. Prove it to yourself. View your current position as preparation for something that elevates your perceived value in a competitive world and motivates others to pay more for your work, services, and guidance. Your intuition is your true best friend, guiding you toward the light. Even difficulties prove how resilient you are. Think about all you’ve overcome. Ambition is a walk in the park to master, largely because it’s immediately followed by rewards and confidence. Take ambition for a spin this week. You’re so much better at your job than your colleagues. Move out of your hidey-hole and onto center stage! Weekly Touchstones: Moonstone, Rutilated Quartz.

Career Meter: 9

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