Your Weekly Work Horoscope

We scoured the web and found the best astrologer out there – Bridgett Walther. Every time we read her horoscopes we get chills – she nails it on the head and makes us feel good, to boot. See below for your weekly work pick-me-up and for more of the good stuff visit her at Bridgett Walther.


For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: You understand challenges, potential threats by an angry consumer or boss, and delays – but don’t like them. You question authority this week. You might think that you can trust a colleague, but remember: anyone with less status than you would LOVE to take your place. So be discreet – or better still, say nothing and hint at nothing. Your strongest assets at work are: 1) your visionary “we CAN do better” approach on the job, 2) your pleasure at getting along well with colleagues, competitors, and clients, and 4) your determination to see a job through to its conclusion. Your weaker aspects at work are: 1) your tendency to avoid a scene instead of fixing it, 2) your desire to be everyone’s buddy, and 3) your need to prove yourself repeatedly, leaving you wide open for criticism and gossip. Weekly Touchstones: Smokey Quartz, Blue Turquoise.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: This is a good week to start a new gig – and this time, make it something you truly enjoy. Stumped? Be your own boss, and allow your creative sensual side to come through. From Monday at 11:37 pm EDT through Tuesday at 11:15 pm EDT, you feel free to express your opinion through a carefully wrought filter. You’ve been in this business long enough to distinguish between faux and real, and don’t randomly throw your opinions around. Most of you have mastered the game and have a gift for saying what you truly feel and believe without offending your real support base. This comes in VERY handy most of the week. Thursday may call into question your business expenses or something you’ve said. Shhh…This week’s ideal days are: most of Thursday, Friday morning between 6:16 am - 11:13 am EDT, and finally, Saturday between 3:33 pm and 8:01 pm EDT. Less than ideal days are most of Monday, Tuesday between 1:46 pm and 11:15 pm EDT, and Friday from 11:14 am EDT through the rest of the day. Weekly Touchstones: White or Gray Orthoclase, Emerald.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: You have a certain routine that works well but is being stretched to the limit by a hanger-on. You do your best to balance daily chores with another’s fits and moods. Do you see any improvement? Chances aren’t great about this. Again, you can’t fix someone who’s already broken – but you can learn from his/her mistakes. Don’t allow another’s desperado persona to permeate your peace and love motto – or sales. Know that this person is almost out of control, and in for a rough ride. Don’t sacrifice yourself to rescue someone who’s headstrong and dominating. Be territorial and tell the interloper to “find someone else to badger.” Most of you are too refined to say that, even if that’s exactly what your takeaway is. Make up your mind to not repeat this experience. Don’t be this person’s refuge. You’ll smother from the negativity. Best days to experience joy and success are: Tuesday from 3:02 am until 1:46 pm EDT and 11:15 pm EDT onward, Wednesday is dicey all day (EDT) Thursday is great, Friday is good between very early morning (EDT) through 11:05 am EDT, and Saturday and Sunday are dicey. Problematic days are Monday all day, Tuesday between 1:46 pm to 11:15 pm EDT, most of Wednesday, Friday from 11:14 am EDT until after midnight, and Saturday from 8:01 pm EDT till after midnight. Weekly touchstones: Yellow uncooked Labradorite, Yellow Kornerupine.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: Don’t schedule important meetings, calls, or presentations for Monday. Your heart isn’t into it, and others are either late or unreceptive. Save your energy for Thursday. No matter how complicated things seem early this week, you handle all the meetings, press, calls, and presentations on your own. This makes you a super-being among your peers. Friday and Saturday are half and half. Put all your energy into Thursday for one victory after another. The best day to succeed and build camaraderie is, of course, Thursday. All other days are learning curves. Weekly Touchstones: Green Gyrolite, Alabaster.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: You’re a self-starter and don’t need anyone coaching you or telling you what to do. You rebel when others do. So nothing good can come from bossy bullying. You’re best off being your own boss. Days that pull in the money, prestige and enjoyment that you’ve earned are: Tuesday at 11:15 pm EDT, Wednesday at 4:26 am-8:59 am EDT, All day Thursday, Friday at 6:16 am-11:14 am EDT. Days that require a lot of patience, confidence, and diplomacy are: Monday all day, and Friday from 11:14 am through the remainder of the day. Weekly Touchstones: Blue Lace Agate, Indigo Blue Boleite.

Career Meter: 7

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: You’re very familiar with challenges and have grown from them most of your life. What might make another person cry is almost a routine for you. You shrug off another’s negativity very well, thinking, practice makes perfect. Your attitude has everything to do with your quality of life. The mental filter that sorts out good and bad is a great way to generate your best future. You catch yourself when you’re heading down Revenge Road, and realize that the way you think determines what/whom you attract in life. Because you fully accept this and have this message firmly in your heart and soul, you’ve got an advantage over those who haven’t been put to the test. This week has some challenges, but nothing you haven’t battled before. The days that crush others feel like an easy stroll for you. So Monday and Tuesday give you the upper hand in legal, business, and financial matters. You can handle Wednesday’s ups and downs just fine. Weekly Touchstones: Deep Red Holdenite, Green Garnet.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: Competition may catch you off-guard. Don’t be surprised if a colleague you’ve always gotten along with suddenly turns cold and aggressive. This is unlikely to boil over into a showdown, but the silence and behind-the-scenes activity may stun you. People you thought you knew may have other sides that you don’t care for at all. Even so, maintain a balanced approach. Don’t allow others to unhinge you. Don’t allow anyone to see you sweat. This week’s challenges are mainly emotional and mental. You can get the jump on any manipulator by thinking only positive, loving thoughts. Keep your sense of humor and self-preservation. Don’t say anything that could be held against you. And remember that the person being nasty to you may have far more troubles than you’ve ever had. Silence is best met with silence, at least for you on Monday, Tuesday, and parts of Wednesday. You also need to pay lots of attention to anything that occurs past 11:14 am EDT on Friday, on Saturday evening, and most of Sunday. Weekly Touchstones: Beautiful Mahogany Obsidian, Pale Pink Mullite.

Career Meter: 7

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: This week begins with a test from Venus and Pluto. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all littered with powerful highs and boring lows. The day to plan your important meetings and presentations is Thursday. You do very well on Thursday and Friday morning. Your best hours this week are all day Thursday (EDT) and anything that happens on Friday morning between 6:16 am and 11:14 am EDT. Weekly Touchstones: Lapis Lazuli, White Larsenite.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: There are challenges on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but you’re up to the challenge. Starting on Monday evening at 11:37 pm EDT, the Moon moves into Virgo. The Moon remains in Virgo until 12:29 pm EDT. Because the Moon is in Virgo, you have a distinct advantage in any career activity. On Thursday, everything comes together for you – expect success! Friday morning is also very good for your career. Saturday and Sunday are a washout. Please take the weekend off. Weekly Touchstones: Lavender Blue Sodalite, Alexandrite.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: You’re willing to work through thick and thin. Although Monday is tough for most people, it’s not too much for you. You’re able to focus on clients and jobs that provide the most money and enjoyment. You skip over hurdles on Tuesday and Wednesday. If others had undergone the same experiences you have, they’d be tougher, too. Thursday is excellent for you on all counts. This is the day to schedule important conferences, meetings, and calls. Friday morning is really good for pitching a project. You are fortunate and well received until 11:14 am EDT. Saturday and Sunday are definitely days to skip work. Weekly Touchstones: Salesite, Cinnabar.

Career Meter: 8

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: Monday through Wednesday, you’re focused on bills and payments. This trying period begins late Monday night (11:37 pm EDT) and most of Tuesday and Wednesday. If your financial situation is difficult, it’s better to wait until Thursday to handle anything complicated. You have everything going for you on Thursday, especially in legal and financial business. Whatever you start on Thursday needs to be finished up no later than 11:14 am EDT on Friday. (Psst: You should ask a Virgo to take care business for you on Saturday and Sunday, and save yourself the grief.) Weekly Touchstones: Snakeskin Agate, Mandarin Citrine.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Jul 28th - Aug 3rd: Why not start off your week a day late? Because Monday is so fractured by Venus and Pluto, why not pick up loose ends on a user-friendly day like Tuesday? Wednesday is the same thing. The day you really shine is Thursday. Fears melt away and confidence is restored. Late fees and money owed come in. Friday morning is also user-friendly until 11:14 am EDT. Saturday and Sunday – not so much. Weekly Touchstones: Aquamarine, Lazulite.

Career Meter: 7

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