Your Weekly Work Horoscope

We scoured the web and found the best astrologer out there – Bridgett Walther. Every time we read her horoscopes we get chills – she nails it on the head and makes us feel good, to boot. See below for your weekly work pick-me-up and for more of the good stuff visit her at Bridgett Walther.


For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: Get busy as early as possible this week. There’s a lot of money to be made, jobs to be filled, and status to achieve. Gun your engines on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The only day iffy day is Tuesday, but you’re tough enough to overcome its obstacles. Just remember to be patient. Patience is a virtue, especially on Thursday. That’s when some high-stakes deals are hanging in the balance. Don’t be so eager or pushy that a client or customer feels offended. The objective this week is to be ultra-professional and not pushy. Weekly Touchstones: Citrine, Cinnabar.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: Monday is bountiful for your career. You have so much charm and charisma that others buy from you even before you have a chance to describe the payment plan. They want to deal with you no matter what you’re selling. Wednesday is very good, largely because of your legerdemain. Thursday is excellent during the afternoon. A surprise sale is likely from 3:20 pm EDT on. Friday is excellent for sales and presentations, too. If you work on Saturday, the Sun moves into Virgo, and Mars and Chiron boost your confidence and charm levels. Weekly Touchstones: Peridot, Salesite.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You can surge up the charts in sales and business this week. Part dynamo and part therapist, you coax others gently but firmly to buy the goods and services you’re selling. Your client base grows this week. Any change you make that modernizes or makes your product more relevant is embraced by the public. You have everything to gain. Your most dynamic days for exceeding your own expectations are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Weekly touchstones: Hiddenite, Mandarin Citrine.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: This is a great week for you to snag brand new clients. You’re especially excellent at attracting new business on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Sun moves into Virgo Friday late night at 11:32 pm PDT, and in EDT, the Sun enters Virgo at 12:46 am on Saturday. Be aggressive on Monday and Wednesday. Aggression does not have to be offensive. Look at it this way – you’re making it easier for people to buy what you know they want. Because you’re such a good people-reader, you know how to reel in hesitant buyers. Weekly Touchstones: Peach Calcite, Carnelian.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You’ve got smooth talking down to a science. You’re able to make people more excited about a product,  event, or get-together. Show these clients full respect and give them options especially when it comes to money. If you come from a compassionate position, you’ll make it easier for buyers to write a significant check. Your warmth is one of your greatest strengths. It’s important to put customers first in order to keep business on the books. Weekly Touchstones: Emerald, Black Spinel.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: As tempted as you may be, don’t exaggerate the value of a product or service. Sure, you want to make the sale, but this week is covered in blarney, especially on Monday and Wednesday. You’re very fortunate both days when it comes to hitting it off with prospective buyers. Inside tip: You can make just as many sales by being honest as you can by exaggerating. Even better, you’ll keep the people/businesses you were honest with on the books. So stick with the facts and truth. Work with others to make sure all questions get asked and truthfully answered before checks are written. You’ll sleep better and your satisfied clients/customers will give you plenty of interested buyers. Weekly Touchstones: Red Jade, Silver.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You don’t need to shout to get noticed. You also don’t have to wear extreme body conscious clothes (remember the bandage dress of yore?), but will score points by looking like the quintessential professional in whatever job you’re in or applying for. Prepare for questions about your experience. You probably sent your bio and head shot prior to your interview. This week makes you more visible and very successful at answering questions and putting others’ minds at ease. If you pass the initial meet and greet, you’ll then meet your new colleagues. Be gracious and let them know that you’re excited and very happy about working with them. Monday, Wednesday, parts of Thursday, and Friday are all great for making presentations as well as impressing your new boss. Weekly Touchstones: Quartz Crystal, Amethyst.

Career Meter: 9

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You a highly driven, unique individual who won’t stay at any job unless you’re passionate about it and it pays well. You, like Capricorn, view challenges as battle cries. You adore putting a competitor or low-grade imitator in his/her place. And you conduct yourself like a smooth, dignified, impeccably prepared icon in your field. Your passion and brilliance come through like a sudden tornado. That’s  when a competitor’s façade  fades away. You wear naysayers down. You outlast the fiercest, loudest enemy. Your silence after a competitor’s desperate rant makes you appear taller and embody the essence of highly concentrated power and prestige. Only a wet-behind-the-ears naïve fool would attempt to outmaneuver you. You quietly scrape the detritus of a beaten has-been off your expensive, highly buffed shoes and move on to the next case, adventure, or opportunity. Weekly Touchstones: Pyrite, Ruby.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: This week opens up a treasure trove for you. All you need to do is earn it. Agree to take over a colleague’s so-called impossible clientele. Your approach is enthused and also nurturing. This makes your pitch easier to listen to. You also give an alleged “thick as a brick” customer names and email addresses of happy long-term clients who’ve volunteered to recommend you. You’ve benefitted from your clients’ largesse and respect for you. The fact that you always take their calls and are there for them when they’re too upset to do their own paperwork makes you even more appealing. You believe in the personal touch. Keep up the great work, Archer, and in the near future, you’ll need at least one trainee to learn the ropes, take notes, and pick up the phone. If a new branch is opening abroad, volunteer to help see this project through. Weekly touchstones: Green Matlockite, Aventurine.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You know more about working than most. So many of you have been hyper responsible since grade school. Some of you watched over your younger siblings. Then there were those of you who became the Man or Woman of the house, due to a parent’s death or illness. The point is that you were handed a great deal of responsibility when you were very young. You did so much for others and learned a number of skills. Like so many Cappies, you do best running your own business, but may be manipulated into hiring less efficient relatives to keep the family intact and less upset. You walked bravely through the fire and experienced so much emotional and mental pain. Nevertheless, you persevered, always pushing yourself onward and upward. There’s nothing dependent inside of you. You’re a hero to those who’ve known you for years, and a magnificent example for others to follow. Because you captain your own ship, others use you as a template and hope they can learn enough from you to become as self-propelled and brave as you are. Unless they’re Capricorns, this might be beyond their reach. This week gives you conflicting options. You can’t choose just one of anything – so don’t. Choose several and discover which one(s) is the very best. Weekly Touchstones: Lapis Lazuli, Fine Australian Black Opal.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You have many talents, and your ability to size up another’s character, loyalty, and honor is very good. Trust those remarkable instincts this week. You’ll save time, grief, and money but cutting ties with any person or activity that limits your territory or controls your assets. You need plenty of time and space to explore various techniques, learn more about your competition (not that you have any in your genre), and get the lay of the land about what buyers really want. You don’t like having someone lean over your shoulder and interfere with your focus. You understand the direction an opportunity is going in. Your job is to add your special touch and exceed everyone’s expectations. Weekly Touchstones: Green Ludlamite, Alabaster.

Career Meter: 10

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For the week of Aug 18th - Aug 24th: You have excellent leads that could be very well paying. Don’t ignore or delay getting in touch with these high-end potential clients. Remember that they know people, and those people know other people. Word of mouth is all about trust. Because this group has plenty of motivation and the means to purchase the best of what you’ve got, coddle them and be at their beck and call. You can make them feel happy while you rake in some much needed cash. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and parts of Saturday are all excellent for rejuvenating your financial future. Weekly touchstones: Green Veined Turquoise, Salesite.

Career Meter: 10

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